224 Brushes - The Wizard of Oz - Before the colour starts, 2011

Oil on Treated Perspex

120cm x 90cm

Intercut, 2008

Oil on Treated Perspex

120cm x 40cm

Tie, 2008

Treated Perspex, Oil Paint, Steel Bolt

120cm x 120cm

Stalker - 316 Brushes, 2013

Oil on Treated Perspex

160cm x 84cm

Blue Movie Negative in 336 Brushes, 2015

Oil on specially treated Perspex, Aluminium

83cm x 114cm

Doily, 2014

Oil on treated Perspex

110cm x 56cm

Four Hertz, 2014

Perspex, Acrylic, Aluminium

121cm x 62cm

Last Year at Marienbad - 359 brushes, Timelapse painting, 2014

Oil on Treated Perspex

162cm x 122cm

  • All images © Sam Burford