Tracing a Path Through Latent Space

Sam Burford

Star Wars Fossilised Time, (2014)
Dimensions: 40cm x 46cm x 40cm
All images © Sam Burford 2023. All rights reserved.

Switchback, Temporal Trace of the London Olympics, (2012)
Oil on Treated Perspex
Dimensions: 130cm x 133cm
This project began with the tracing of cinematic time using bespoke hand built cameras.

Battleship Potemkin - Cinematic Constellation, (2013)
C-Type, Diasec, Aluminium
Dimensions: 182cm x 101cm
Long durational exposures create what can be thought of as a cinematic text.

Inception - folding time and space - cinema as a phenomenological force, (2015)
Polylactic Acid, Photographic Emulsion
Dimensions: 40cm x 12cm x 10cm
These transforms are intended to explore the conceptual territory revealed through the continuing dematerialisation of cinema.

Blade Runner Devotional, (2019)
Mixed Media
Dimensions: 39in x 20in x 2in

The Wizard of Oz - a portrait, (2017)
C-Type, Diasec, Aluminium
Dimensions: 151cm x 102cm

Blue Emerald Castle - Wizard of Oz, (2015)
PLA, Copper Sulphate
Dimensions: 10cm x 17cm x 4cm
Burford states that his work endeavours to bring ‘a new thought for’ the cinematic object.

Star Wars IV Curling Over Self, (2010)
Hand printed film
Dimensions: 56cm x 80cm

Last Year at Marienbad - 359 brushes, Timelapse painting, (2014)
Oil on Treated Perspex
Dimensions: 162cm x 122cm

Dinosaur. Installation at Parasol Unit, (2013)
Two Jurassic Park DVDs, Projector, DVD Player, Surround Sound System
Dimensions: 200cm x 30cm x 70cm

Youngblood - Homage to Structuralist Cinema, (2018)
Oil on Linen
Dimensions: 66in x 32in
The resulting artworks could be read as contemporary hybrids that combine post digital aesthetics with the experimental, materialist concerns that emerged from 20th century Structuralist film-makers and artists.

Swan, Citizen Kane as Expanded Cinema (2008)
Archival Image, Perspex, Aluminium, Steel
Dimensions: 140cm x 140cm x 45cm

Seeing Through Randomness, (2019)
Dimensions: Variable

Tie, (2008)
Treated Perspex, Oil Paint, Steel Bolt
Dimensions: 120cm x 120cm

All Those Moments Lost In Time - Blade Runner, (2010)
Hand printed film, Lightbox
Dimensions: 55cm x 77cm x 12cm

Rear Window (1954), (2013)
Polylactic Acid, Aluminium, Steel
Dimensions: 141cm x 72cm x 10cm

Tectonic Abacus - Chinatown 1974, (2015)
C-Type Print, Perspex, Aluminium, Steel, Resin
Dimensions: 225cm x 35cm

Total Apocalypse Frenzy, (2020)
Resin, ink, pigment
Dimensions: 14cm x 12cm x 15cm

De-temporal Cinema Part I - Atrophied Bullitt and the Sea of Forms, (2020)
Aluminium, Perspex, LED, resin, motors, steel
Dimensions: 150cm x 50cm x 100cm

De-temporal Cinema Part II - Petrified Forest, (2020)
Aluminium, Perspex, resin,steel
Dimensions: 150cm x 50cm x 100cm

Simultaneous Cinema - The Godfather, (2006)
Archival Print, Perspex, Aluminium
Dimensions: 152cm x 87cm

Bullitt Spacetime - After Sterne, (2015)
Polylactic Acid, Aluminium
Dimensions: 152cm x 120cm x 120cm

Icarus - from North by Northwest, (2009)
Archival Print, Perspex, Aluminium, Neodyumium, Steel
Dimensions: 220cm x 58cm

Deferred Lives No. 2, (2020)
Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 35.4cm x 30.5cm

AppelMetz - the roots of computational photorealism, (2019)
Framed giclée print, acetate and pressurised pigmented ink
Dimensions: 61cm x 92cm

Black Bass - from North by Northwest, (2019)
Mixed Media
Dimensions: 33cm x 28cm

Ballet Mechanique (Purple and Green), (2019)
C-Type Print face mounted on Perspex
Dimensions: 37cm x 38cm

Doppleturm, (detail) (2019)
Mixed Media
Dimensions: 9.6in x 13in

If cinema were a place - Singing in the Rain, (detail) (2015)
Photograph by Sam Burford
Dimensions: Variable

Landmark, (2009)
Dimensions: 160cm x 260cm x 160cm